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LiveJasmin Review

Well, as I told You, I'm gonna review for You some videochatting websites, so lets start from one of the most known, Livejasmin, also known as LJ for the common users.

LJ is a nice websites, it provides nice models to chat with, a nice chat box and it is also cheap usually, the price of the private shows may go from 0,98 credit per minute (cpm) to 9,99 cpm. but since when I started to chat I've never found a model with a price higher then 4,99 cpm..
By the way the ladies commonly keep the price at 1,99 cpm, that is the minimum price available, because the price at 0,98 cpm is only for the first hour that a new model work online.
So, if You see a model online with price at 0,98 (on this case is written on the right-down corner of the thumbnail of the model), she is new, or at least her account is new (many models change accounts or make multiple accounts to earn more moneys).
1 credit = 1$ or 1€, depends on where You live.

The rules of the site are strict under some points of view, some of them are:
-The models can't give personal information;
-The models can't arrange to chat out of the website, or also a meeting with an user on the website;
-The models can't eat, use cellphones, ignore users while on cam;
-The models can't go out of the webcam;
-The models have to speak using English in free chat, but this doesn't mean that users can't speak other languages (i.e. I.m an user, and i speak with a lady on LJ in italian, cause she knows it, she can't type in italian, she have to answer me in English);
-The models can't make free shows, only in private shows is allowed to show nudity;

There are many other rules, that now I don't remember, but also if I remembered them all, there's no point in writing them all here, cause there are 2 points that makes the rules not followed strictly...

1- Also if there are rules, there's no active control on the ladies.
It means that also if a model do something against the rules, noone will know it, only the users that on the moment when the model did that something against the rules were on the room of the model, the control is passive, or to say it better, You, user that saw the model doing that something against the rules go to the support page and tell to the support what You saw, then the support will contact the model and eventually see the logs of the chat and penalize the model, maybe keeping from her some of the moneys earned or also banning the model from the website;

2- With some models, since they make the website earn a lot, the support close both eyes when they do something against the rules.

The models earn more with a tip on free chat then with a tip on member chat, and the same amount of credits spent as tips then spent on a private show with the lady make the lady earn more, cause they get 35% of each tip on free chat, 30% on member chat.

Models can also have more then 1 private show at the same time, with 1 only account, but is hard that it happen, cause usually a person go to private shows to tell the ladies what to do, or to simply talk with them, and with 2 or more people in pvt, it is almost like a free chat, only not all the message posted are on the same place, they are divided per users.

As I told You, models can have more then 1 account on the site, but is not happening a lot, usually a model that have 2 accounts on LJ works only on LJ, instead the 50%, or maybe more of the models on LJ works also on other websites, such as MyFreeCams, or ImLive, etc..

If You want to chat on this website You have to have a nickname, cause if You r a simple guest, You will be able to talk the same, but the models will not even read what You write, and You'll end up talking with other guests, and then since You are a guest, the page will stop you after some minutes.

To get a nickname there are 3 ways:

-sign up on LJ, to do it You need a nickname, an e-mail and a credit card, to create an account the minimum to pay is 29,99€, and i guess it is 29,99$ too, also if it isn't the same amount of money..;

-as guest going to the room of a lady, and on the top of the chatbox, near the name of the model You will see this:

guest[number] is Your nickname, then You just have to click on "New Nick", and it will allow You to write what You want instead of guest[number], after You wrote what You want as nickname, You have only to press Enter on Your keyboard, and You will have a nickname that many ladies will not recognize different from a real user.

-The last method is the better one: You just have to go to: JOYourSelf, and then sign up there, that is free, no need to use cash, and then come back to LJ, and with the same username and password login to LJ, and when You want in the future you can add moneys, or you can keep chatting for free in free chat.

With the first and last method You r a real member, so You have the possibility to save 24 models as favorites, and the possibility to use the LiveJasminTV, that is a page where You can see 4 models at the same time, and chat with other users, and if You want also chat with the models, but only with one at a time, doing it You switch chatroom, so the other users on the LJTV won't see what You write, but the users on the room of the model You chat with will see it.
Another thing You can do on the LJTV is to have group private shows, which are, as i think, not really useful since You can't chat with the lady, but only give them "orders" with specific buttons, such as masturbate, or strip, etc.. so the possible things You can see are limited from these buttons and also on what other people want to do.

The private show are not hidden, at least for who has a lot of moneys, cause, if You get a private show with a model, as i told You, someone else can get the model in private too, at least if the model don't make it impossible (they choose it), but there is always the possibility to sneakpeek, that means that for 1 credit they can see some moments of the show, i think 30 seconds, but i do not remember well the exact time.

As real member You can also choose to join the fun club of the models You like more, if they have it;
To have it a model have to earn at least 100$ per month.
For the user is useful cause You can get more information about the model You like, such as hobbies, likes and dislikes, future goals and so on, and also better qualitiy images, the possibility to record and see again the private shows, paying it with 50% discount, 50% discount also on the videos of the model, You can see the snapshots of the models of the other users, and obviously more attenction from the model.
For all this You have to pay a monthly fee to the model of 19,99 credits.

Another thing is that You can become a Topmember, paying a fee of 15 credits ever 14 days, with that You can store 120 favorite models on Your list, You can see all the snapshots of the model, mainly thats all.

You can also become a VIP member, this is based on how much You purchase on LJ, and if You get on the first 500 purchasers of the site You can set You nickname adding on it "VIP".

At last, I think that if You like chatting and having fun, LJ is a nice website to use, there are many rude users, and many rude performers, but You can find all You like if You search well, and also make friends, if You like free shows, is not the best one, and it gives a lot of services only if You pay a lot of credits, difeerently then most of the other similar websites that give them for free.

Hope that this was an useful review for You, if You think I said something wrong, or You know more then me, go to the Contac Page and tell me all about it, and I will amend the post.

See You soon with other reviews!

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